Hold My Laptop? I don’t think so…

Regulations have recently been passed, stating that carriage of your laptop in the cabin is prohibited on flights to the USA, regulations which all who fear for the safety of their precious devices, are scared will trickle down into other routes around the world. What this means is that your laptop, yes, your invaluable, life-organizing necessity must be stowed in… the hold. An airline baggage hold, is essentially a battlefield for your luggage.

In the hold your bags are thrown, bumped, pushed, kicked, rattled and generally treated very poorly by both airline staff, and the general forces associated with flight. We are just as unimpressed as you are, as we know that the replacement value of a broken laptop is not merely how much the device costs to repair/replace, but the time spent out of commission because of not having access to your data, or even loosing that data is something many cannot place a cost on.

The question this poses is: What does this mean for the future of luggage, and what considerations should you make when choosing a piece to travel with?

Our answer is simple: Choose luggage, like you would choose a watch dog. Warm, loving and considerate to you and your belongings on the inside. Hard, unforgiving and viscous in protecting from any external force which may jeopardize these things on the outside. Hard shell luggage is therefore the answer.

The benefits of hard shell luggage are that you will never have to worry about any of your belongings in the hold, not just your lap top, but the rest of the stuff which you would prefer to be in working order at the end of your flight gets taken care of, too. Other benefits of the Hard-shell Luggage from House of Samsonite include the virtually impenetrable lock system, which protects your belongings from theft, and means you never have to wrap your bag in plastic again.

We’d like to know what you think about these new regulations, as they affect business travelers from all over the globe, and what you expect from your luggage in terms of protection. Share your thoughts below!