How to best capture your holiday

When travelling, taking photographs of the new and exciting places you visit, is part and parcel of the whole experience.

All too often though, with the rise of ultra-high quality camera phones and SD cards capable of storing thousands of images, these unforgettable memories sit on our camera rolls, never seeing the light of day, or perhaps only being shared on a Facebook album.

We think your memories are worth more than this, and should be out there for the world to see, and to inspire you to travel some more!

Here are some tips:

1) Get a printed photo album

Gone are the days of printing your film photographs! Instead, select your favourite images from your journey on your smartphone/DSLR camera and have a photo album printed out. This can be done at most print shops quickly and easily, and is a wonderful reminder of each holiday. 

2) Create a picture display

Feeling creative? Get a wooden frame, some bendable wire and some photo clips and create a photo hanger. Get your favourite pictures printed in a vintage Polaroid style, and hang them up on a travel wall in your home!

3) Put em on the map!

A great idea is to buy a world map pin board to pin your photographs on each country you travel to. Also pin your diary entries or any light memorabilia your collected on your trip.

4)  Create an Instagram hashtag

If you’re an avid instagrammer, a great idea is to create a unique hashtag for your holiday, which you can search for later to view your gorgeous images. Make sure its super original, as something generic could see you reminiscing over the memories of others!

Travel is here to be cherished and remembered, so make sure you get out there, snap your photographs and experience the whole journey fully.