1.1 “Affiliates” mean (i) any Person which, directly or indirectly is Controlled by i-Pay, or Controls i-Pay; and (ii) directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives of i-Pay. “Control”, as used in the preceding sentence, means the possession, directly or indirectly, of the power to direct or cause the direction of the management and policies of a Person, whether through the ownership of voting securities, by contract or otherwise;
1.2 “Competition” means the opportunity, during the Competition Period, for an Entrant to receive one of the four Prizes listed on the competition wheel that may be spun electronically by an Entrant, as further detailed below. The foregoing opportunity would arise once such Entrant agrees to participate in the “spin to win” competition as described in clause 9 below;
1.3 “Competition Period” means each calendar day from 8 May 2018 until 16 December 2018, inclusive of 8 May 2018 and 16 December 2018;
1.4 “EFT” means Electronic Funds Transfer;
1.5 “i-Pay” means i-Pay Secure Payment Proprietary Limited;
1.6 “i i-Pay API” means i-Pay’s application programming interface, being the software and set of functions and procedures which interface with the Merchant’s systems to facilitate access to the i-Pay Platform;
1.7 “i-Pay Platform” means the set of functions and procedures developed by i-Pay which facilitate the payment by an Entrant for a good or service on a Merchant Website Platform by means of EFT;
1.8 “Merchant” means certain merchants that have agreed to participate in the Competition and act in accordance with the terms and conditions set out herein, and which is a Person which has contracted with i-Pay to provide the i-Pay Platform as an option for payment for the goods sold or services rendered on the Merchant Website Platforms;
1.9 “Person” means any natural person, firm, company, corporation, state or agency of a state, or any joint venture, partnership, association or incorporated or unincorporated body;
1.10 “Prize” means one of the following prizes set out on the competition wheel, each of which will be awarded to a Winner each, namely:
1.10.1 a voucher to the value of R100 (one hundred rand);
1.10.2 a voucher to the value of R200 (two hundred rand);
1.10.3 a voucher to the value of R500 (five hundred rand);
1.10.4 a voucher to the value of R 1000 (one thousand rand); or
1.10.5 a refund up to the value of R 10 000 (ten thousand rand) for a single purchase of goods or services offered by the Merchant on any Merchant Website