London Fashion Week

London fashion week is upon us, and with the Success of this lasts weeks’ fashion extravaganza in New York, London’s lineup is set to be big!

At this year’s SS17, exuberant and eclectic ranges of fashion can be expected from the world’s greatest fashion houses, as well as London’s array of scintillating upstarts in the industry. London, as a fashion destination, has always been on the cutting edge, with iconic brands like Burberry, Alexander McQueen (A designer who Samsonite paired up with to create an abstract once-off collection back in 2008), and Stella McCartney, all paving the fashion landscape over the years.

Our eyes are again on street style, as this is one thing London does very well, from understated, chic garments which effortlessly portray the casual Londoner, to imaginative and colorful pieces for the individual who is set on standing out.

The handbag, luggage, and travel accessory ranges at this year’s event are eagerly anticipated, with a huge travel lifestyle culture being present in London.

We can’t wait to see what is to come of this year’s event.