New Year’s Resolution: Travel

The New Year is upon us, resolutions are underway, the gyms are full and the smell of potential change is in the air! We of course wish you the best on your journey to a new you, and we hope that this includes LOTS of travel.

Starting on your resolution can often leave you regretting having set one, which is why we have put together a list of how to’s– a game plan if you will – on how to stick out that goal and transform yourself in 2018 (with a focus on travel, because, well, we love it, and know you do to!).

Step 1: Write down your goal

That’s right, pen it! Write it in your notebook, on a sticky note or even scribe that big, beautiful, hairy, audacious goal on your bathroom mirror in lipstick! Whatever the means, write it down! ANYWHERE! 

Step 2: Don’t be vague

Writing down your goal is essential, however, being precise on what you want to achieve is the holy grail. Don’t just put down, “I want to travel more”, be bold, and say something more along the lines of, “I want to travel to Thailand in March.” Or, “I will take 2 overseas and 3 national trips this year.”

Step 3: Create a routine

Whether this includes setting up a travel fund which is paid into monthly, committing to a gym membership, setting aside that time everyday to hone in the new skill you want to master or booking that flight/bus trip – work it into your schedule or monthly plan.

Step 4: When the going gets tough, the tough get going

When your resolution seems out of reach, becomes uncomfortable, or you fail to reach a goal, don’t be discouraged. Fortune favors the bold as they say, so try, try again, and remember the change you want to see!

We hope your 2018 is filled with an abundance of travel and good fortune. Get out there, see the world, and make sure you’re always evolving.