Our Top 10 Destinations to travel to

It’s in our nature to get out there and explore the world from all of its sensational view points, and for those of us lucky enough to fully exploit this innate wanderlust, will know just how intoxicating it is to see and experience the earth in all of its magnificent glory. It’s something we share in as people: A mutual love of changing our surroundings and discovering new cultures and ways of life, in places which differ greatly from our everyday norms. The following list shares with you just a few of the places we can’t get enough of as travelers. Places which have changed, and molded the way we think, and see the world.

1) Rio, Brazil

Rio, the Vibrant metropolis of Brazil, offers the young traveler an unsurpassed array of things to do, ranging from cultural tours, beautiful, bustling beaches and fast paced nightlife. We love Rio for its incredible scenery, and the invigorating culture which is felt in the air.

2) Paris, France

It’s the most famous city in the world, playing home to one of the most iconic structures ever built: The Eiffel Tower. But Paris isn’t just a pretty face, it is one of the most scintillating and stylish places on earth, seducing and dazzling travelers from all walks of life. We love Paris for its rich history, scenery and charm. It’s a destination buzzing with glamour and excitement, and should be on everyone’s wander list.

3) Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, the spectacular Thai island, has something for everyone. The romantic traveler, families and the wanderer on a budget are all catered for in this exquisite tropical getaway. We love Phuket for its pristine beaches, intriguing night life, breathtaking scenery and of course the fact that you won’t have to mortgage the house to get yourself here! (Oh, and if you’re traveling on a South African Passport, you don’t need a VISA)

4) Cape Town

It’s hard to think of Cape Town without immediately thinking “Table Mountain”, but aside from this iconic land mark, the Mother City has a host of tricks up her sleeve which have made travelers from around the world fall in love time and time again. The Stellenbosch Winelands, astonishing natural sites and the dynamic city culture to name a few. We love Cape Town for its effortless finesse and beauty which is so wonderfully contrasted with its bold metropolitan edge.

5) El Nido, Philippines

The Philippines is famed for its magnificent beaches and extraordinary island life, and El Nido, which has been called “a gateway to the sublime”, in no way falls short. El Nido can only be described as, picturesque tropical bliss, boasting wild limestone cliffs and calm, clear beaches. We love El Nido for its ethereal beauty, and the laid-back locals who are always ready to help!

6) Lake Como, Italy

Set against the sprawling and dramatic foothills of the Alps, Lake Como is for the traveler looking for the ideal retreat. The lake stretches for 120km, along which numerous small villages are scattered, gracefully occupying the ruggedly handsome landscape. We love Lake Como for its truly stunning scenery and Italian culture.

7) Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, the magical Capital of Hungary, is loved for its architecture, history and museums. The beautiful back drop sets the scene, with attractions like the Buda Castle, Chain Bridge and Széchenyi thermal baths, this city has something for everyone. We love Budapest for its unique charm and truly inspiring monuments.

8) Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, to some, the infamous city, which is shrouded in mystery and taboo is one of our favorites. If you look a bit deeper, however, you will find a place which is buzzing with culture, history, street markets, music festivals and delicatessens. We love Amsterdam for its quaint and understated beauty, as well as its uninterrupted energy.

9) Seychelles

Pack your sunscreen and prepare to do nothing, but spend hours on the beach, sipping whatever cocktail may suit your fancy. The Seychelles is a tropical haven famed for its white beaches and crystal clear blue waters, with scenery so exquisite, you may be fooled into thinking you’ve landed up in your laptops screensaver. We love the Seychelles for its relaxation and tropical bliss.

10) Mont Blanc, Switzerland

Calling all the dare-devil mountain climber types. Or even, the avid skier. Mont Blanc, or Monte Bianco, is the tallest mountain in the Swiss Alps, reaching altitudes of 4 808m above sea level. This destination is for someone who enjoys the active holiday… and the cold. We love Mont Blanc for its range of adrenaline pumping activities, and of course, its otherworldly natural beauty.