Samsonite & Miss Earth Make a Difference!

For those who don’t know, Arbor week, adapted from the global Arbor Day, is a week where South Africa emphasizes and recognizes the beauty & importance of trees in our environment. Its aim, through tree planting and education is to emphasize the significance of keeping our environment as clean and as green as possible.

People of all ages are encouraged to join in across South Africa, in a mass conservation effort striving to educate communities on how they can make a positive and sustainable difference in their environment, as well as making them aware of the role trees play in their lives.

Together with Miss Earth, Samsonite planted upwards of 30 indigenous trees on the 1st of September at the Zandspruit Primary School in Roodepoort to commemorate Arbor day and the beginning of tourism month, kicking off an exciting and prosperous spring season!

Sales Director for Samsonite SA, Rob Kunze, said that, “The initiative has been implemented in conjunction with local leadership programme Miss Earth, which is committed to creating leaders who can grow environmental and sustainability awareness and help preserve South Africa’s natural heritage.”

With tourism month being celebrated annually in September, it serves as encouragement for South Africans to explore their own country and nurture domestic tourism. Rob said that Samsonite South Africa has grown its business considerably over the past year with more and more South Africans traveling. A study by grant Thornton showed that South Africa’s outbound tourism has grown by an astonishing 6,2% despite the tough economic climate, and this is expected to continue regardless.

Rob also recognised the downside in an increase in travel, such as air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from a rise in air travel, and said, “As beneficiaries of the growth of air travel and as responsible corporate citizens who can make a difference by improving the school environment for the learners at Zandspruit Primary School by providing a better aesthetic environment and shade in the playground in future years, Samsonite can make a difference for generations to come,”

People of all ages are encouraged to get involved by planting their own trees, and championing environmental sustainability causes which benefit our future generations and continue to grow South Africa as the flourishing and diverse land it is famous for being.