Some of the most festive places in the world to spend Christmas

For some people Christmas has become synonymously known for blankets of white snow and cuddling by the fire with hot chocolate and your loved ones. For others, the festive season is associated with swimming pools and pool floats, the warm ocean and summer barbecues with friends and family. For whichever is your preference, we have summed up some of the most beautiful and festive places to visit over the Christmas period.

Cape Town, South Africa

If you want to escape the snow this Christmas, there is no better way to spend the holiday season than in the beautiful city of the Cape, amongst vineyards eating the finest fresh foods and drinking the finest south African wine or eating ice cream along with beach promenade. A great thing to do in the summer time in the Cape is the Kirstenbosh summer concerts. Local artists play fantastic music while the rest of us share picnics and take in the incredible botanical gardens.

New York City, USA

Movies have always glamourized and documented the incredible big apple over the festive season. Tall trees littered in fairy light, ice skating in the central park and incredible department store displays. Santa Land at Macys in Herald Square is a huge hit with the kids over Christmas. You will feel like you have entered the North Pole and Santa’s workshop through a row of pine trees, right up to Santa’s regal looking throne. Online reservations are essential!

Dublin, Ireland

The unique Christmas spirit in Ireland is irresistible! On December 8th things get very festive! Christmas markets buzz, streets are covered in fairy lights and everyone Christmas carols are being sung far and wide. One of the great things to do is party at the most iconic bar in Ireland, the Temple Bar. It is in a great location in the center of the city with a famous red exterior and frequented by many young tourists.

Vienna, Austria

Hands down the best time to visit this city. With lights strung to every tree and markets selling hand made gifts of wooden toys to candles and mulled wine, the city is alive with festive cheer. A must do over the Christmas period is to visit a roast chestnut stand. It’s an experience that has been shared for generations. Along with that, the nativity scene in St Peters Church is the most incredible experience for those interested architecture.


You certainly won’t find any snowmen, but you will find the most exquisite beaches and festive spirit. Christmas is hugely celebrated in this city from both a religious and social point of view. Nativity scenes, Christmas carols and displays of cribs are seen everywhere. A must do is the chocolate festival in Hamrun. Besides a huge range of chocolate filled market stalls there are a number of chocolate sculptures that are sure to dazzle!