Tips & Tricks: 5 Ways to make a business trip fun

The business of making fun memories

“No, sorry, I can’t come to your birthday party. I’m afraid I’ll be on a business trip to Sevilla.” If that is your response to a party invitation, in 80% of the cases you will get an answer similar to “How exciting! Being paid to travel, that is so cool! Have fun!”

However, people who travel a lot for business know it’s not that glamorous. In fact, business travel can be quite exhausting: crowded planes, traffic jams, waiting lounges and unforeseen delays really don’t help to get in a relaxing state of mind. Let alone feel glamorous. So what can you do about it? Transform your exhausting business trip into a more rewarding break! Here are Samsonite’s tips to combine business with pleasure in the most effective way when travelling abroad.

Enjoy the downtime from work emails and calls

Although the latest aircrafts now increasingly offer on-board Wi-Fi, thankfully most flights remain free from mobile phone reception. Instead of stressing over the fact that you are unreachable, embrace the lack of signal and relax: get some sleep, read a book or listen to your favourite music. You have the best excuse to be offline! Make the most out of it and enjoy it like never before.

Plan in an extra day for some “me” time

Too many business travelers just fly in and out of the places they’re visiting, without ever seeing any of the local sights. Bleisure travel has become a buzzword signifying travelers that combine a business trip with leisure time. The top three bleisure activities include sightseeing, dining and local cultural experiences. Hotels often provide a wide range of additional choices to business travelers, so don’t hesitate to ask them for advice! Turn your business trip into a unique and memorable experience. Enjoy life to the fullest! What is the Bleaisure Traveler? Find out Here

Travel in maximum comfort with the right luggage

There is nothing worse than travelling with a suitcase that weighs too much and is uneasy to handle. Invest in a qualitative and light suitcase, with double wheels for smooth rolling. If you are only gone for a couple of days, try to minimize your luggage to hand luggage only – you have everything with you at all times, there is no chance your luggage gets lost, and you save time: no check-ins, no waiting at the luggage belt. Hopping from one city to another has never been more comfortable.

Pack your sports gear

It’s much easier to find the time to exercise whilst away from your normal daily routine. An early morning run through an unknown city or going for an after work swim in the hotel pool is the perfect way to unwind. So make sure you pack those goggles or running shoes into your Spark Duffle on Wheels.

Go local

Sure you could stay in and order room service. But why not make the most out of it? Check in advance what local restaurants are worth a visit and get out of your hotel. There is nothing more rewarding than discovering new places and local gastronomy! Uncomfortable to sit alone at a table? Take something to read with you. Or sit at the bar: bartenders are always great people to have a chat with, and it’s a great and easy way to meet new people.