Just Cruising

There are few holiday activities that are quite as comprehensive as an ocean cruise. These floating giants, weighing in excess of 100 000 tons are an extravaganza of relaxation, entertainment, food, activities and partying.

In South Africa, we have on offer a number of cruise liners operating from various ports, with MSC’s fleet of ships being the most popular among South African cruise goers.

MSC’s fleet has a range of exciting destinations on its itinerary, including Madagascar, Reunion, Maputo, Cape-Town, or, for the sea-lover, a cruise simply to nowhere and back.

The idea of a cruise, has often been overlooked by potential holiday makers dismissing the idea due to preconceived notions that cruises are 7-day long bouts of extended sea-sickness and cramped accommodation conditions. The opposite is in fact true.

A Cruise ship is essentially, a floating hotel, theme park, theatre and night club, with nearly every conceivable luxury and activity available, to put the weary traveler considering a cruise’s mind at ease. On board these magnificent vessels, you are exposed to a multitude of different delights, from Gourmet food, spectacular entertainment every night, water slides, swimming pools, sundecks, casinos, bars, night clubs and spas. The cabins are not too shabby either, utilizing space brilliantly.

The thing which is so attractive about a cruise is that you get all of this for a fixed, all-inclusive rate depending on the package you choose, making these types of holidays excellent value for the traveler who wants a little bit of everything. Plus! You get to see an array of different countries when your ship docks, and return to your floating wonder in the evenings once you have become tired of exploring, for either relaxation, or dinner and a show. These types of holidays are also great for the whole family, with there being something for every member, regardless of age.

As far as luggage is concerned, travelers are permitted two pieces of checked luggage not exceeding 90x75x43 cm in size and 23 kg in weight per bag, and two pieces of hand luggage per person, not exceeding 56x45x25 cm in size and 23 kg in weight per bag.

A cruise then, is a brilliant option for a holiday which truly has everything to offer, and with the broad array of cruise deals available to South Africans, there is no excuse not to delight in this awesome travel experience!