Travel by Train

There has always been something so magnificently nostalgic about train travel, but gone are the days of the traditional steam train, while these still do exist, with today’s offering of high speed bullet trains, the way we travel by rail around the world has changed quite drastically.

The fastest operating train in the world, Shanghai’s Maglev, which ‘levitates’ on a magnetic field can reach speeds of 431km/h, and while this train only operates over a distance of 29km, the future of supersonic train travel is bright, with a Japanese concept train reaching an astonishing 602km/h on a test track last year, covering 1.7km in a staggering 10 seconds.

But what about long distance super-fast train travel?

House of Samsonite travel Luggage travel by train

Well, currently, in Europe it is faster to travel by train from key Euro destinations than by airplane, with the Eurostar e320 trains operating at speeds of 320km/h between Brussels, Paris & London, all stopping in city centers, making for a convenient and efficient mode of transport.

Tickets for these trains are relatively inexpensive, with London-Paris from R769, the equivalent plane ticket costing around R900. What’s more, the Eurostar trains are greatly more comfortable than airplanes, providing large inviting seats, power sockets, onboard buffets and expansive windows for you to enjoy the scenic European landscapes. On top of this you are allowed two pieces of luggage up to 85cm long, as well as one piece of hand luggage, including laptop bags, hand bags, backpacks and briefcases, as well as small cabin luggage.

For those travelling Europe, the Eurostar trains are a great consideration for cross country travel, and will ensure you set eyes on some breathtaking scenery, that otherwise wouldn’t be seen by air, and never in as much comfort.