Traveling While You’re Young!

One of the biggest regrets people often have, is not travelling when they were younger. And while it is never too late to get out there and explore, we believe that if you are of a younger age, you should get busy exploiting these exciting years, and go traveling.

Traveling in your youth not only opens one’s eyes to new cultures, ways of life and cities but it teaches one to be self-sufficient, responsible and most importantly, aware of the world and the multitude of different environments of which it comprises.

Strangely (and for some germophobes this may be hard to believe), scientists have discovered that travel is actually good for your health! It has been proven that travel lowers stress levels in individuals, improves brain health, keeps you fit (Get your adventure backpacks and walking shoes ready!), and also, boosts your immune system as well as lowering your risk of heart attack.

The biggest obstacle for any youth traveler is the inevitable costs involved. Flights, accommodation, meals, spending money, travel luggage etc. are daunting enough aspects to warrant the defeated phrase, “I’ll put this off till next year, once I’ve saved up enough to travel the way I want to.” This does not have to be the case, however, with the rise of applications such as Couch Surfing – a trusted social network of like-minded travelers and explorers, who, very kindly will let you stay on their couch or in their spare room, for free! A great way to meet new people and experience the little-known parts of a city that only a local would know -, SkyScanner – which allows you to find the cheapest flights around the world from a multitude of different suppliers with the functionality to create multi-city trips! If money is still your worry, there are many great work/travel options which allow you the opportunity to earn money while seeing the world.

For the youth traveling on a budget, there are various overseas destinations which won’t break the bank, but will most certainly change the way you see the world. Here is our list of top 5 budget destinations:

1) India

2) Croatia

3) Bali

4) Sri Lanka

5) Greece

When packing for your expeditions to distant and exciting places, be sure you have the correct travel luggage & accessories. Pack Light, so you have enough room in your suitcase to pick up all sorts of mementos, and be sure to have a safe and secure backpack for day to day traveling!