What to do, when your airline damages your luggage…

Picture this: You’ve just gotten off your long and tedious international flight. You’re jet lagged, cranky, the people around you are taking their sweet time to depart the plane, and now you have to go and wait at baggage collection, where you constantly seem to lose the conveyor-belt lottery, always being one of the last to receive their bags. Your suitcase eventually slides past you haphazardly. You pick it up and immediately notice it has been dented, tampered with, or ripped.

As you mutter curse words under your breath and begin to draft the email you are going to send to the luggage store in your head, you realize the wheel, and handle of your bag have too, become unresponsive. You now have to carry your suitcase. More curse words ensue.

This is of course, a worst-case scenario, one which is thankfully not frequently encountered by travelers,

especially those who travel with House of Samsonite products, however, damage, attempted theft and dents are a reality which must be faced when traveling. Here’s what you can do if you discover your bag has been through the warzone of the airline baggage hold, and has emerged worse off for it:

  1. Reputable luggage companies offer warranties on their products. House of Samsonite for instance, offers a 1-10-year limited warranty (depending on your suitcase/bag/accessory choice), covering all manufacturing defects free of charge. We therefore cannot cover damage caused by negligent airline baggage handlers, who unfortunately pay no care to your luggage.
  2. You are not left option-less however. If your suitcase has emerged damaged after a flight, we advise you take it to the airline baggage enquiry counter in the airport immediately and file a damage claim.

Luggage damage doesn’t need to be as big of a headache as it has proven to be! All you need to know is the rights you have, and if an airline has damaged your suitcase due to blatant mishandling, then it is rightfully their responsibility to replace it or fit the bill for any repairs it should need.

If your bag has been damaged, feel free to reach out to us. We are always more than happy to help, or point you in the right direction on our Live-Chat, via email or phone.

Happy travels!