What’s your weight?

While we don’t mean to get personal, one must ask the question: Are you overweight? Luckily, if you are, the remedy does not include strict dieting and costly exercise regimes, but rather, simply choosing the right luggage.

Airlines place strict emphasis on overweight luggage, and impose fees or simply deny any bags which do not comply with regulations. Lightweight luggage therefore becomes a must for the frequent traveler.

The average checked baggage weight is 23kg per piece allowed, with the number of pieces dependent on what class you’re travelling. This means that in order to maximize luggage capacity, your bag should not exceed 4 kg in unpacked weight.

Cabin luggage is limited to 7kg per bag with dimension restrictions of usually 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm… Luckily, due to the size of these bags, they tend to be much lighter, (Like Samsonite’s 55cm Cosmolite weighing an astonishing 1.7kgs) allowing maximum carriage of your essential items.

Be sure you watch your weight when packing, and don’t get caught out by baggage restrictions! Pack smart, pack light, and you will be good to go!