Where to go this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking one sweet, sweet word: Travel! Be it with family, friends, or by yourself seeing unexplored parts of your own country or others, Christmas is a time to get out there, while getting festive.

Choosing a destination over the Christmas period can be stressful. Where will I go? How much can I afford? And how on earth can I avoid the crowds?

To make that selection a little easier, we’ve put together a list of 5 local and 5 international holiday destinations perfect for the Christmas period, and which are sure to make for a memorable festive season.

The Local Picks:

1) Cape Town

Although this is high season in the Cape, the impeccable weather, beautiful food and bustling culture is sure to make for an unforgettable holiday. Find an affordable Airbnb and take in all the cape has to offer! Why not make a road trip out of it and drive there along the garden route?

2) Kruger National Park

Once more into the bush! Take you and your family on an unforgettable safari in South Africa’s most famous national wildlife park. Be prepared for gorgeous sunsets and wild entertainment, as you explore the abundant corners of this national treasure!

3) The Drakensberg Mountains

Need a place which offers something for everyone? Take a road trip to the Drakensberg Mountains in KZN for picturesque scenery, a host of exquisite resorts and an array of exciting activities for the whole family!

4) Plettenburg Bay

Over the December period, Plettenberg Bay, or simply, Plet, is bustling with festive joy! This small town located on the garden route in the Western Cape offers beautiful beaches with ideal surfing conditions, whale watching and cave exploring. The weather this time of year is perfect for the family who likes a bit of sun.

5) The Wild Coast

The Wild Coast region in the Eastern Cape offers unparalleled natural beauty and wildlife. This sprawling region is famed for its rocky cliffs and caves, beautiful beaches and lagoons as well as its stunning wildlife. Stay in Coffee bay for a Christmas experience like no other!

The International Picks:

1) New York, USA

New York during Christmas time is, as I’m sure one can imagine, magical! Packed with festive events, ice-skating and awe-inspiring decorations, the Christmas season in New York is sure to be a white Christmas never to be forgotten!

2) Greenland

Since its Christmas, why not get as close to the North Pole as possible with a trip to Greenland? This incredibly unique country over December is covered in a blanket of gorgeous white snow. Over this period, you are treated to some exquisite, once in a lifetime scenery, with the Northern lights appearing at this time.

3) Phuket, Thailand

Want to go on an overseas holiday with the whole family and not have to mortgage the house? Phuket might just be the place for you. This gorgeous and popular tourist island offers sublime weather and sprawling blue beaches, all at a price which is right! Plus, if you’re traveling on a South African passport, you won’t have to worry about organizing VISAS.

4) Mozambique

If you want to avoid flying, why not take a drive to the beautiful country of Mozambique? At just a six-hour drive from central Durban, this heavily Portuguese influenced country offers a tranquil and diverse getaway which won’t break the bank. Spend Christmas on the beach in Ponta do Ouro, while partying with locals and other tourists.

5) Vienna, Austria

A city that shines with Christmas spirit! With decorations hanging from every conceivable building, tree and arch, this winter wonderland of a city lights up in celebration of this festive time. Saunter through the street markets while indulging in traditional Austrian treats, and taking in the beautiful European charm.

This Christmas season is sure to be a memorable one, and we can’t wait to get out there. Remember when packing for a trip, pack smart with a light and accommodating suitcase, and remember to pack as much in your cabin luggage as possible to ease stress and minimize confusion at airports.

Safe travels.